Jun 26
144 MHz
25 June 2015 Another good opening and I worked many stations: UT0EZ (KN67), UT7QF(KN77), UR3GS (KN66), UC6A (KN84), UT2QA (KN86), UR8GZ (KN66), US0GB (KN67), UY5QO (KN77), UA6LJV (KN97), UR3EE (KN88), RK6LXN (KN97), UR5VFJ (KN69), UY7QN (KN77), UR5EUP (KN78) and heard was RK6MF (KN77)
22 June 2015 Big Sporadic-E opening : Worked EA2AGZ (IN91), EA1HRR (IN83), F6FRR (IN94), F6BKI (IN94), F6CIS (IN94), EA2AWD (IN93), F8GGD (IN95), F5GXG (IN95), F5GHP (IN96) and EA1MX (IN73). Hrd EA4AQQ (IN80) and some more. Later some Aurora signals were heard.

50 MHz
26 June 2015 Lots of strong signal around in the afternoon and evening. Countries worked are YO, OH, SM, LA, UT5, EA1, ES, SV, GM. Heard were OY and EX. Around 21:30 PV8ADI was loud, but I could not get him.
25 June 2015 Many stations from Ukraine, Finland, Estland and Lithuania were worked. Also got 4L1AN(LN21) in Georgia.
23 June 2015 Big opening to OH and Northern Skandinavia. Sounded like Aurora-E.
22 June 2015 Open to southeast. Got SV9RNG (KM25).
21 June 2015 Heard NP4A, WX4G, 8P2K, FM5WD, YV4DYJ (FK50), YV4NN (FK50), PV8ADI (599+) and a bunch of Europeans. Stations from less than 500km were strong. 4X4DK heard calling North America with a big signal from the back of the antenna. Worked 9Y4D (FK90). After 21Z signals rapidly disappeared.
16 June 2015 Heard C31AR, EA4, EA1, F, CS Beacons, . Worked EA8AK (IL18).
15 June 2015 Very quiet day until 4L1AN (LN21) came on 50110 - I did not call as I worked that before. Big pile heard via backscatter. Later being still at the edge I worked SV9CVY (KM25 Crete).
14 June 2015 Worked LZ, F, UX, YO
13 June 2015 Only some strong IT9 heard.
12 June 2015 At first I worked SK0TM over 500km via tropo. Band was then open to the North with LA7SIX/b (JP99) at S9 level. EI0SIX/b (IO63) came up. In the log are some EI, EA, GI ... Other countries heard are EA4, OH
11 June 2015 Lots of stuff on the band. GB3IOJ/b (IN89) very strong and short skip. Worked CT, EA and MU0GSY.
04 June 2015 Mostly South-Eastern Europe heard and some YO, UT and LZs worked. Had an eye on 2m, but it did not open for me.
03 June 2015 Worked a very strong EA8DBM (IL18) and some IT9 and I6 stations. Skip became shorter and some HB9 from JN36 and JN37 were contacted.
02 June 2015 SV5BYR (KM46) was strong and worked. Listening for North America was no success.
01 June 2015 Coming home from work I heard 4X4SIX beacon and immediately worked 4Z4DP (KM71). Some other stations from YO are in the log as well.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Jun 1
144 MHz
6 May 2015 SK4MPI beacon via Aurora

50 MHz
30 May 2015 Hrd SV/SM4KYN (KM16) but could not get his attention. Many other stations from I, SV, 9A ... were heard.
28 May 2015 Big opening in Europe today. I worked some EA3, IS0 and F. Heard was G and EI.
21 May 2015 TJ3SN was heard CQing in a 45 seconds Meteor burst. Sporadic E wise only SV3BSF/b was weak in.
20 May 2015 Came home and worked CT1IUA (IM67). Then the band opened to South America again. PY1RO (GG87lb) is in the log, PY2XB (GG66) and PY5EW (GG46) were heard as well as a PY2TUA beacon weakly on 50024. Stations from CT1, EA1 and F were received as well.
19 May 2015 Danish ragchew on 50110 .. Band dead.
18 May 2015 Someone calling DX on 50110 in CW. Band dead otherwise.
17 May 2015 Band was silent all day until 19:00UT when suddenly there was an opening to Brazil. PP1CZ was strong, but the only station heard. Band was open to Northern Sweden at the same time and I worked 5 stations in SM2.
16 May 2015 Many stations from Ukraine audible in the early evening. Later worked 3XY5M (IJ39dm) as new grid. Heard were TJ3SN (JJ53), 5R8UI and A45XR in that opening. The band died down - I thought - when it suddenly opened to South America. I could work PP1CZ (GG99uq) at 599 level and heard were some other PY and a ZP station.
12 May 2015 A lot of stations heard via Es. Worked a 9A
6 May 2015 Videos around 49.75 MHz were strong via Aurora, but no station heard.

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