Dec 15
Time is flying and again we are approaching the end of a year,

A Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2016 to everyone who comes along here. Have a quiet time where ever you are.


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Dec 15
Another busy time ...
144 MHz
14 December 2015 A good Aurora. Stations heard down to Southern Germany.
25 October 2015 The reflection Zone has shifted and SP9, OK and OM were heard. Also some SM4 and SM5 were worked.
24 October 2015 Big tropo opening to Southern France and Northern Spain. Some EA1, EA2 and F were worked at S9 level. Absolutely phantastic.
08 October 2015 Another Aurora. SK4MPI beacon was strong but only few stations were heard.
07 October 2015 Good Aurora opening with strong signals.
03 October 2015 This unbelievable opening continued and the tropo Zone had moved east. This morning UA3WM (KO84) was worked with a strong Signal. Later band opened into SM4 and OH6. Then all over sudden it was over.
02 October 2015 The band was already wide open in the afternoon and it became better from minute to minute. Scotland was in at very high level very early. I worked stations from GM, G, GI, GD, GW and EI4DQ from IO51. Then it opened to the east as well and I worked SP, EU, YL, LY and UA3LID. And I heard both UA3 and G working over 2300km. I could make over 75 DX contacts over more than 700 km.
01 October 2015 A very good Tropo opening; I worked LY, YL, SM1, GI, GM and G. Some Aurora going on as well, only heard SM4IVE strong. It was visible as well.
20 September 2015 Worked SM4IVE via Aurora, LA and GM heard
9 September 2015 Low activity on 2m and heard LA and SM.
7 September 2015 Strong Aurora signals heard on 2m in the evening; I preferred to go outside and to observe the stunning Aurora. (IMAGES HERE)

50 MHz
14 December 2015 Strong Aurora. Worked stations from SM, OZ and GM. Signals were loud.
08 October 2015 Aurora, worked some stations.
07 October 2015 Aurora with strong signals.
10 September 2015 Visible Aurora, some weak stations heard.
9 September 2015 Again Aurora. Worked 9 stations. It was visible as well in the evening.
7 September 2015 Low activity, only one LA heard.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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