Dec 4
CQWW DX CW Contest on 25/26 November 2017
Last weekend turned out to be a very quiet one and a view on the calender told me: Hey, there is the CQWW CW coming up. I decided to give out some points and did some preparations. My "surplus" FL2100 is a little bit broken, and so I had to go with about 75 watts only into my full size dipole on 40m which is up 9,5m in the middle with one side hanging down now. This is because my new neighbour did not like the antenna to be fixed at a pole in his garden anymore. It had been there for the last 15 years or so. So I took a pole of the garden fence - it is ours.
So Win-Test was prepared and I went in the room to make some contacts from time to time. It was more difficult than it has been in the WAG contest some weeks ago, where I made 350 QSOs almost in a row. I ended up with exactly 200 valid contacts (1 dupe) in 46 DXCC countries and 10 zones.
Why was it so much more difficult than the WAG? In the Worked All Germany everone is fixed to work a German station, but in CQWW you have to concur with everyone everywhere with mainly high power, that I did not have. Sometimes I thought, my radio did not work, because noone returned to CQs for quite a while, but out of a sudden I got 12 stations in five minutes. Sometimes I could not get stations beeing really loud, even when nobody returned their CQs. On the other hand I got weak US stations that were barely audible. But this is CQWW. And I am happy with the result.
On 4 Dec I sent the log out to the contest crew.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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