May 26
144 MHz
22 May 2016 Sporadic E opening - I was some minutes late
1 May 2016 Some aurora going. Hrd SM4, LA8. Aurora was visible

50 MHz
30 May 2016 Only worked EA5 and EA6.
30 May 2016 Strong opening with many stations on. I worked I, HB9, 9A, T7, DL and others.
29 May 2016 A lot of strong stations to the south-east. Worked SP9 over very short skip, 4X1IF (KM72) and 5B4AIF and 5B4AAB (both KM64).
27 May 2016 A lot of listening. Worked some. Best DX is UN3M (LO61)
25 May 2016 Big opening to G, GM, GW, EI ... Worked some and spent time listening.
22 May 2016 More than 20 contacts made to SP, ER, YO, SV
04 May 2016 3B9FR worked !
19 April 2016 Heard I6 via Es. Was at home too late.
18 April 2016 First Sporadic E this year to Ukraine. Worked US5XD just before band closed.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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