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Mar 31
OK, this is now the new entry place of my homepage !
I hope you like it :-)
Comments are very welcome.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Mar 29
Everything is running again ! The shack is like new now. Its fun to be in there.

50 MHz EME
20. March 2010 : I have setup my "new" used notebook with WSJT and I was able to copy W7GJ with a good signal during the moonset hours. Signals reached -17dB in 2.5 kHz bandwidth.

144 MHz EME CW
27./28. March 2010 : I had hoped to work at least one of the guys in CW, but that did not go this time. I tried to get at least SV1BTR and called him many times over a period of 2 hours or so, but ... So I decided to switch off the PA and connect a 144/28 MHz converter and my SDR-IQ to the antenna. Using Linrad that was fun. I "saw" sometimes 10 or more (weak) CW stations in the CW section, but with all those birdies (hundreds) I had my difficulties. So I stayed again with SV1BTR and IK3MAC and in most cases I could see the QSO partners producing a trace on the screen. Not bad for a 2.5wl antenna. Tonight neighbour's TV is switched on producing spurs every 50 Hz all over the CW portion of the 2m band. Too bad.

144 MHz EME JT65
19. .. 28. March 2010 : 2m is running again EME wise. I copied a number of stations (ca 25) and was able to QSO with JM1WBB, JH1MHE, I2FAK, EA6VQ, KB8RQ, UA3PTW, OH7HXH, I2RV and RX1AS. Also copied was the expedition 8Q7QQ (MJ64) which is using a single antenna and 400w.

144/432 MHz
7/8 March 2010 I did some listening in the VHF/UHF contest just for checking if the rig was "healthy". The rotator did not run at first and it needed some attention.

Further experimenting with the SDR-IQ rx and Linrad software with digging out weak DX stations.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Mar 16
Last weekend while staying a weekend with my father I took chance and I visited long time radio friend Johannes Wilke, DK2PH. After having had an eye on his antennas for 144 MHz EME, 50 MHz and shortwave and his radio station, we (me and my little son Michael) sat there together with Hans' wife ragchewing and having some fine cake with tea and coffee for a long time. So thanks for that pleasant afternoon.

Hans DK2PH and me

Hans DK2PH busy at his VHF station

EME Antenna (4 x 16el I0JXX)

Posted by Christoph Petermann