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Jun 30
50 MHz
30 June 2010: JW5QIA was not heard, when he was worked just 15km away. But FS/W6JKV (FK88) was worked with S9 level.
28 June 2010: Heard KP4EIT strong. Some EU stations were in too.
24 June 2010: When returning from QRL I heard a few NA stations, but did not call anyone - those heard were all worked already, and the big opening was before I came home. KP4EIT was very strong calling CQ; HI3TEJ came in fine too. In the evening I could work K4QI and heard a few other NA stations before the band closed for me.
22 June 2010: QRV after 20z. A lot of activity - worked a few SM2 and OH8. Most interesting were the opening direction North with the three JW beacons audible strong. I listened to the NW and copied a very weak station with auroral sound. I recorded this and I can read VE1.. but the rest is too weak. I went to bed at 2130z - obviously too early; it seems it has opened to JA a little later.
21 June 2010: I worked a number of Italian and Spanish stations in the evening besides a lot of work in the house. A goodie was ZB3EO.
20 June 2010: JE1BMJ was heard for a long period with 559. I could not raise him for a QSO. I was out for the "Kieler Woche" event and went I returned, I learned that I had missed the big US WestCoast opening. Nevertheless I worked OX3KX (GP47) - a good one.
19 June 2010: Wow - worked 0644UT XV9DT (OL21va) with a really good signal. Shortly after I got EX8MLE (MN72hw). Around 1146UT W4BP (EL96we) went into the log. The 2m Es opening in the afternoon did not reach here. Some contesting began and 6m seemed to be open to everywhere.
17 June 2010: A little bit of Es in the evening to EA. I could receive W7GJ via the moon with big signals: -15dB (JT65A) with the moon about 15 degrees above the horizon. What a signal. As there was almost no Es propagation, noise was very low.
16 June 2010: Only a dead band in the time I have been listening.
14 June 2010: I worked TF8GX, VO1TA (GN37) and W4SO (EL96). Other U.S. were heard, but not very strong. The opening was around local midnight.
13 June 2010: A good number of F and EA was worked. Later I got ZA/HA5X and 4O3A.
12 June 2010: Band was wide open almost in every direction. I worked besides some EA5 over the pond to NP2B (FK77) and EA8CBN (IL08).
11 June 2010: worked TF, CU, GJ and LA. Late in the afternoon all signals disappeared.
10 June 2010: FY1FL (GJ35) was worked - he came out of the blue.
9 June 2010: Missed the JA opening due to QRL. Worked YL and LY. Hrd KP4EIT at 53 level.
8 June 2010: A few QSOs made, nothing special.
7 June 2010: Today a number of stations went into the log. Highlights were: GM0KZG/MM (IP70) and JT0YAB (NN48). The JT was not heard at all, when stations just 20km south of me worked him. A lot of stations were on the band. Most stations were from OH, SM2/3 and LA. Nothing new was heard. I tried to listen for a lot of DX, but it did not come through here, but more north. I went to bed around 2030UT - perhaps missing the big opening in the night to West Coast US.
6 June 2010: Video signals were strong and I listened for DX. Nothing but EU stations were heard. Around 1230UT skip was short and I could get some EI and GW stations. At 1614UT I worked A71CV (LL55sf). The station in Mongolia (JT0YAB) was not heard at all, but 9Y4D came in fine (no QSO). Around 2015UT EA8 was open and I worked EA8ACW/P (IL28).
5 June 2010: Two new countries: worked A92GR (LL56hf) and A71CT (LL55ri). Some more stations in Europe were worked.
4 June 2010: Heard a lot of signals, but no QSO made.
2 June 2010: Worked a few LY, OH, RA. New was then LY2X/P in KO15. And E4X (KM71) is in the log.

144 MHz
7 June 2010: Again a big opening. The cluster did not show any sign of the opening so far when I heard UA3WM at first. Signals were very strong. The band opened, when I had just returned from work. Heard, not worked was UU2JJ.
Es Log:
15:04 UA3WM KO72
15:06 RX3QFM KO91
15:09 RA3WDK KO81
15:10 RA3EL KO82
15:11 UT8AL KO61
15:13 UA3YBW KO53
15:21 UA3YCV KO62
15:23 UA3YKK KO38
15:23 UA3ECB KO82
15:24 UA3YGP KO73
15:35 UA3EXC KO82
15:37 RU3XK KO73
15:51 RA1AY KP50
The big opening in the morning was not for me, as I was at my QRL.

2 June 2010: Big SporadicE event on 2m. All grids worked were new on 2m. I copied a few more stations (RA3WDK, UA3DHC, RA3PG and LY2WR) which I could not work.
Es Log:
08:08 UA3BB KO85UK
08:10 UA3DCM KO85XP
08:18 UA3RN LO03VK
08:41 RU4FA LO13FN
08:44 UA4FKD LO13HL
08:51 UA3PTW KO93BS
08:53 UA3XEH KO73FU
10:37 UA3WM KO72QI
10:39 RV3YM KO63QQ

Posted by Christoph Petermann