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Jun 30
50 MHz
30 June 2013 Sporadic E to the North of Sweden and into Spain.
28 June 2013 An aurora opening produced strong signals and I contacted a few stations.
27 June 2013 The band was wide open to Italy and Greece, where I could catch a number of contacts. Later it turned to Spain and Portugal, but no humans could be heard. Almost all beacons were audible.
26 June 2013 VP2ETE was heard and the only worked was EA5/ON4CAU in his holiday resort.
24 June 2013 No Sporadic-E today, but some Aurora was going on. Before I left the house I only worked LA8AJA.
22 June 2013 QRV for only a short time when I worked EA9UG (JM75iv / Ceuta&Mellila)
21 June 2013 Official summer since this morning and rain ... Worked UN3M (LO61md) and heard UN3GX (MN83gd). SM2, SM3 and many OH were heard. The band was open for a long time at night and UN3M was audible still at local midnight.
20 June 2013 Worked Carribean HI3TEJ (FK92TL), PJ4NX (FK42UD). Heard were KP4EIT (FK68) with a big signal, FG4NN (FK96kk), VP2ETE (FK88).
19 June 2013 OH6NG/9 (KP27) was a new gridsquare
18 June 2013 Heard were A45XR (LL93gl) and the JX7SIX beacon. After being out of the house I was home late and only worked PA0RDY on tropo over 420km
17 June 2013 Open into many directions. TJ3SN was in for awhile, but to weak to try to call. Received VP2V/W9DR (FK78) very weak in the evening.
16 June 2013 Many contest stations audible. Only worked EI7M (IO51)
15 June 2013 Digital contact in JT9-1 with OZ1PIF
14 June 2013 Worked some stations from EA and CT.
09 June 2013 Only worked CT, but heard PY1RO, PP1CZ, PY2VA, LU5FF with big signals. Worked them before, so I did not call.
07 June 2013 Worked some stations. New: EI/ON4TA/p (IO44wc). In the evening Northern Europe came in.
03 June 2013 Only worked friend Yussi, OH5LK. Heard EA8SIX/b (IL18)

144 MHz
20 June 2013 Worked Es : 15:29UT 9H1CG (JM75FV Malta) and heard: I2SRM/8 (JN71jc). It has been a big opening, but not for us here.

Posted by Christoph Petermann