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Jun 29
50 MHz
29 June 2017 Starting with low activity
28 June 2017 No real DX here. Lot of EU in JT65 and CW heard
27 June 2017 Low Es activity - only 9K in JT65.
26 June 2017 Small openings only, heard 9K and 4X in CW.
25 June 2017 Testing new SDR RX. Received 9K, A4 and VU2NKS (MK64)
24 June 2017 I worked a bunch of stations from I,EA and CT. and received JT65 : some NA from FM02, 14, DM15.
23 June 2017 Received JH6INP and JA7QVI in the morning and VE1PZ in the evening. For new grid I worked LA/DK2BJ (JP44).
22 June 2017 Heard TY2AC with strong signal in SSB & JT. Early evening NW0W and K0TPP came through and later I worked two TFs. Via MS in the evening I got LA/DK5WO/p (JP43)
21 June 2017 Seen EA8 and one JA (PM53). Early in the evening some Ws (EN64, EM25, EM10, DM92) were received.
20 June 2017 Only DX heard in the morning was A71EM and several 4X stations. Very late at night - I was asleep - PV8DX and some North American stations (EM47, 48, EN84) dropped in. My antenna was already pointing to Japan.
15 June 2017 One single JA seen and many stations all over Europe heard JT65 and CW/SSB.
14 June 2017 Switched on at 0430z and saw BA4SI CQing. But I was too late for the VK4 here. Conditions inside EU were mediocre. Then suddenly JT5DX(OO20) showed up and was worked in CW as well as some EM and US stations. Later in the evening I caught FG8OJ(FK96).
13 June 2017 Heard/Read A9, 9K, EX, UN3M and worked CW A92GE.
12 June 2017 No real DX heard but worked LA/DK5WO/p (JP51) via MeteorScatter
11 June 2017 JT65: Some weak JA stations were received early in the morning. Later there was high activity all day and I made a number of SSB/CW contacts. 4X was very strong for a while and late afternoon TF, KP2, KP4 and N3XX were read.
10 June 2017 A92 was read at 0500 already. 9K, 4X came in shortly after and around 0630 some JA were seen, but not really strong. JA7QVI had a good signal in the spectrum display in CW, but audio-wise hardly to read. TF3ML was the first station to the NorthWest and a bit later VE1PZ and WU1ITU were seen around 1330UT.
9 June 2017 JT65: 7 Japan calls were received in the morning, all were quite weak. Later WP4B showed up and WU1ITU(FN65) was worked with a big signal. 5A was heard in CW, but the pileup was to big.
8 June 2017 An even bigger day: 5 hours of Japan with 97 stations in JT65 listed received. To many to put it here. BUT Received more: DS4EOI(PM37) and DS3CHK(PM36) AND KG6DX(QK23jk). Worked in JT65: JG2AJK(PM85), JJ2LPV(PM85), JA9SSB(PM86), JA0VI(PM96), JF3DRI(PM74), JA0RUG(PM97) and JG1TSG(QM05). Had to leave for QRL. Early evening the show went on: Received JT65: WA6OSX(CM98), KR7O, N6ML, KB7ME, N6JV and W7OUU. Worked was JT65: KD6SW(CN80).
JA and HL (DS) stations listed by "PSKReporter" on 8 June 2017

7 June 2017 A big day: In JT65 hrd: DS4AOW(PM34), DS4EOI(PM37) at 04:30UT, BA4SI(PM01), JR6GV(PL36 Okinawa!). JAs from PM51,63, 64, 74, 75, 84, 86, 96, QM05. 9K, YI1SAL, JY, WP2Z, K7BV, K6EID, W3CP, N6EE(CM97), W5THT(EM50). Finally worked JT65: K4PI(EM73), PV8DX(FJ92), K0TPP(EM48) and in CW: WZ8D(EM89), K9PPY(EN51) and K4SX(EM40).
6 June 2017 JT65 hrd: several JAs from QM08, PM97,53) and UN6T (MN52)
5 June 2017 VK8MS(PH57), More than 15 JA, JL8GFB in CW, EA8, WP4JCF, KP4EIT (SSB), NP2J (CW), J69DS and worked: WP2B(FK77) and KV4FZ(FK77)
4 June 2017 DX RX in JT65: VE2XK, W9VHF(EN71), WA1AEZ
2 June 2017 Read (Receive only) DX in JT65: A45, 4X, JY, 9K2 and UN7TW
1 June 2017 Opening to Japan. No stations worked but received JA stations from PM64, 74, 85, 86, 95 and 97. Only little Sporadic E inside EU.

Posted by Christoph Petermann