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May 31
Activity 50 MHz
31 May 2020 WKD VE1PZ, VE1SKY, K5NA (EM10#), SM2OTU (KP16#), SM2MGQ - HRD UN, EY, BA4SI, BG6CJR (OM90), EA8, CN8, S01, CT3, VY2ZM, VO, WP4, XP3A, HI8DL and XE2OR (DL98). And THEN a huge number of stations (>50) seen from W1,2,3,5,6,7 and VE1,2,3,7. By far not all are on the image.

30 May 2020 WKD 12 x JA (QM05, QM06#, QM08#, PM85, PM95#, PM96, PM97), TT8SN* (JK72#) CW, HL3GOB* (PM34#) - HRD over 80 x JA, 4X, BA4SI, EY, TR8.

29 May 2020 WKD S01WS, G, GM (CW), EA1 (SSB) - HRD 6W1TA (IK14), FG, CU, ZB2, TZ4AM, TR8CA, KP4, 9Y, 8P, J6, HH, HI, VE1. -- There were some new DXCC and Grids, but band was very busy; no chance. -- FT8 flags in FG, VE1, TR8, Florida ... so it works.
28 May 2020 HRD EA8, CU, S01, ZB2
27 May 2020 WKD UN7AM (LN53#), EA8AT (IL17#), LZ - HRD WP4, A4, 7Z in CW
26 May 2020 WKD TA7OM (KN80#), UN6T (MN52#), XV1V (OK33#), UN7MAU (LO51#), PV8DX/PV8AZ (FJ92) - HRD JA1TSG(QM05), A4, A7, A9, 9K, EK, 4X
25 May 2020 WKD ZA, EA8, 7X2KF (JM06#) - HRD UN, UK9, EY, EK, A4, VU2
24 May 2020 DX Day : HRD UN6, A7, A9, EY, 9M2TO (Oj05), 4S7VG (MJ96), 4S7AB (NJ07), VU2NKS
23 May 2020 WKD Europe only - the usual ... - HRD EY8, WP4G, EA8, CU3
22 May 2020 WKD C31, EA, UR, LZ, EI - HRD JA5EXW, EA8, CU, CT3 -- Got FT8 Flag in Florida
21 May 2020 WKD US0 - HRD: TT8 -- A very quiet day today.
20 May 2020 WKD JA0DAI (PM97), JA0QJI (PM95#), JG2BRI (PM84#), R3TJI (LO16), EA4GOY (IM79#), all CW/SSB: EA, F, G, GW - HRD 19 x JA, BX6ABV (PL02), TT8 (JK72), UN
19 May 2020 WKD: G, GW, PA, IS0, KP4JRS (FK68) - HRD: 9K, A4, A7, 7Z, EY, FG
18 May 2020 WKD: UT, SP6, YO, EA, F EA8 - HRD: 7Z (LL25), UN3, UN6, JA8 (QN03 all), A7
17 May 2020 WKD: 9K2OW(LL39), 9K2BM(LL49#), HZ1BW*(LL34#), YO and HRD: A7, A9, 4X and TA
5/6 May 2020 Only short mostly Meteorscatter propagation
4 May 2020 Very silent today. Only some Meteorscatter bursts
3 May 2020 Short openings to IT9, I, SV, ZA and TR8CA
2 May 2020 Only 9A
1 May 2020 Some short openings to EA, F, 9A, HA

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A

24 May 2020 WKD: VK4FB (smallest station ever worked), VK4RF
23 May 2020 WKD: OZ1CTZ with 60w & 2x35 ele Yagis and 8 more stations in mode JT65C
2 May 2020 10 Stations worked in JT65C and CW

Posted by Christoph Petermann

May 6
After 30 years on 50 MHz it happened today: We have 50 .. 52 MHz and full legal limit.
Thank you DF2ZC and DK4VW for making this happen.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

May 1
Major activity has been so far some remote activity on DL0SHF with 23 cm EME. Meanwhile I got all the stuff running and I can instantly switch between JT65C, CW and SSB. Still there are dificulties like high latency times and dropouts in conjunction with the VPN tunnel. Stations worked so far were as small as one - certainly somewhat longer - yagi and 100w. I am pleased to give them a QSO.

QSL cards for the QSOs I made, may go here. You get yours back immediately. BUT I have no overview whoelse may have operated the station. In most cases this will be Per DK7LJ or Carsten DL6LAU.

From time to time I will update the PDF logfile you may download (see on this page on the left).

When QRV I am present on the HB9Q logging system.

See on the moon.

Posted by Christoph Petermann