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Jun 30
Activity 50 MHz
30 June 2020 HRD 3* JA at 4:30UT and the band went dead. Only a few heard from EU. Later HRD 7Z, 4X, HI, KP4, VE1, K1, 9Y, J6, PZ5RA, PV8DX, TF
29 June 2020 WKD JO1PSX (QM05), JA0GPT (PM96), JA4NUE (PM75#770), JJ3PRT (PM74), JA3GN (PM74), JA5FFJ (PM63), JH3VJV (PM74) == HRD BY5EA (PM00), BA4SI (PM01), BV6CC, ca 60* JA, 9K, 4X, EA8, VE1, VO1, KP4, K1, K2
28 June 2020 WKD W4LES (EM84) == HRD UN, Z81D, TR8, EA8, TR8, A4, 9K, CU, TF, 15 from K4/K5, XE2OR
27 June 2020 WKD JA5EXW (PM63), JA6GPR (PM53#), JH4IFF (PM74), JA3FYC (PM85), JJ2LPV (PM85), JJ2AVH (PM85), JA5SUD (PM74), JA4LXY (PM64), JH4ADV (PM64), JR3UPT (PM74), JO1COV (PM95), JA0MRW (PM96) and JW7QIA (JQ68) == HRD UN, over 300* JA counted. Only JH4IFF heard in CW.From NA only: WA2BOT and then QRT due to storm.
106 JA stations (of ca 300) on 6m / 27 June 2020

26 June 2020 RX off until 14Z - HRD 9Y4D, W6TOD (DM15), K5XI (DM09). Have high noise today.
25 June 2020 silence so far ... except : HRD JA7QVI, out of the blue: N5HHS (EL29)
24 June 2020 WKD J69DS* (FK94) - HRD 4X, OD, HZ, A4, HC1HC (FI09), HK3PJ (FJ34) HI, PV8, YV5, FG8, 9Y, KP4 - Signals to South America were not very strong - late W4, W8.
23 June 2020 WKD some Europe in CW & SSB - HRD 8* JA, EA8, OD5, 4X, 5B, A4
22 June 2020 WKD TR8CA (JJ40) - HRD 2* BA, UN, >10* JA BV6CC, A6, EA8, 4* HL; Opening to California. 12 stations received, but all at levels were too low for QSO.
Received in the last 24 hours (22 June 2020 - 18:45)

21 June 2020 HRD 15* JA, 6* HL, BA, 5B, 4X, A9, EY, 4L, UN, TF, NA=K3,4,8 (NA = North America)
20 June 2020 HRD 2* JA, A9, A7
19 June 2020 WKD JA7OZW (QN00#), JA7ZF (QM09#), JH4IUO (PM64#), JH3EDG (PM74), JH3CUL (PM74), JA5PJ (PM63#) and some Europe in CW - HRD A6, BD4SS, and 200* JA. JA0MVW only station heard in CW. Had to leave for work early. This was a huge opening.
37 of 45 JA stations in one pass

54 of over 200 received JA stations

18 June 2020 WKD A45XR (LL93) - HRD early JA at 04:30UT, EY, UN, BV, A4, A6, A7, 9K, JR6 (Okinawa), 4X, TF, >40 JA stations, VU2NKS, N4BP early, N4, N9, VY2, VA7ST (DO00), W7MEM, K7MAC, K7TM (DN17)
17 June 2020 WKD W3LPL, KX4R, W3IP, WA4PGM, AF4OD (EM72#), N2QT, WA0JIM (EM28#), W3LL, W3CP, AC4VM (EM75#) in big opening. In the night: K5CM (EM25), AJ4A (EM77#), AA5C (EM13#), W5ADD (EM40), AA5M (EM13), K5GDC (EM13), N0LBY (EM38#) - HRD UN, BA7IO, DU1IST and more than 160 US station up to Arizona. I had to leave for two hours and missed the most of the big opening. Late at night the band opened again and 25 more stations were heard.
A selection of over 160 station received from North America

16 June 2020 WKD K1SIX (FN43), K2ZD (FN21) - HRD 5* JA, A9, HZ, TA4, 4X, 5B, OD, EK, EY (all worked before), K1; Big JA opening around 23 UT many stations received.
15 June 2020 WKD E7 (in CW) - HRD 10*JA (ca 02:45 .. 03:00 UT), TF, 9K, K2IL (EL97), JW4PUA (JQ78)
14 June 2020 WKD JA9SJI (PM86), JR9RKU (PM86), JA9IPF (PM86), JE2KDN (PM84), JN1JFC (QM06) - HRD JE1BMC + 42 JA stations, BG0BBB (NN33)
13 June 2020 WKD BA7IO* (OL73#), JT1CO (OO20) - HRD VR2XYL, BX6ABV, UN, TT8, 4X, VE3, KP4, K1, K2, K3
12 June 2020 HRD UN, EY, TF
11 June 2020 WKD OZ, SM via tropo, no significant Sporadic-E
10 June 2020 very quiet day
9 June 2020 WKD CT3, K1TO (EL87) - HRD J6, 9Y, HI, 10 stations W1,2,3,4
8 June 2020 HRD 4X, A7, HI, J6, KP4, K2, K1 (only 2 NA-US heard in the big Transatlantic opening)
7 June 2020 WKD SA2BFO (JP94#) - HRD 3*HL, 10*JA, 9M2TO, 4*KP4, HI, J6, K4, PV8, 3*YV
6 June 2020 WKD 7Z1SJ (LL25#), A65BP* (LL75#), A92HK, EK7DX (LN20), UN7CL (MO44#), UN7EGH (MO52#), LA7DHA (JP68#) - HRD EY, 4X, EA8, RD9D, DU1IST, many UN, LA7SIX/b, JW7SIX/b
5 June 2020 WKD UN7AM (LN53#), UN7DAT (NO00#), UT, SM - HRD OD, JH8SIT (QN03) FG, 9Y, PV8
4 June 2020 WKD LZ - HRD JA3IW and 2 more JA
3 June 2020 very quiet all day WKD UN9L (MO13#)
2 June 2020 WKD R1OAL (LP04hm#750) - HRD UN, A9, A9, A7, DU1IST, VE2/3
1 June 2020 WKD EY8MM (MM48), 9Y4D & 9Z4Y (FK90), WA4LOX & K4CVL (EL87#), W4SO (EL98), OD5KU (KM73) - HRD A9, UN, 4X, 9K, OD, >20*JA, K1TOL, VE1PZ, HI3T, W4 & AA7A (DM43)!
DF9CY - 6m - 4 Element@12m - 2020

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A


Posted by Christoph Petermann