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May 31
Activity 144 MHz
30 May 2021 WKD G, GW4 - HRD GI - Lost preamplifier again
29 May 2021 Missed opening while sitting in the sun ...
25 May 2021 Several openings today :
25 May 2021 - 144 MHz - FT8 Signals received in several openings

WKD IK7XWJ (JN90#339), I7OXH (JN90), IZ7NLJ (JN81), IK7LMX (JN80#340), S59GS (JN75) all in SSB - HRD EA6, SV8 - in a later opening HRD UA3/UA4 up to 2400 km (LO31) (No QSO then) : RW3VM (KO94), RA3RF (LO03), UA4UT (LO14), RX2D (KO85), UA3GDX (KO92), RK2P (KO93), RO3X (KO73), RG4D (LO31 2410km), RG2B (KO85), RO3X (KO73), RA3DGP (KO95), R2DFF (KO86), RV3A (KO85)
23 May 2021 WKD US8AR (KO60#338) 1st Es on 2m - HRD UY1HY, UY0LS/A, UR5LX, UX5KL, UT8AL

Activity 50 MHz
31 May 2021 WKD UN9LEI (MO22#778), UN7JOV (NO00), UN7LZ (MO13) - HRD EA8, CN8, 7X
30 May 2021 HRD EA8, EA9, S01, CN8
29 May 2021 WKD VP2EIH (FK88) for surprise on CQ, HB0, RU3AKS (KO85), UN3GX - HRD 3W1T (OL33), BH7ACO (OL68), 9K, A4
28 May 2021 quiet start HRD VO1CH, VO1HP
27 May 2021 quiet day at all HRD HZ, 4X
26 May 2021HRD A9, 4X, 5B and lot of EU
25 May 2021 WKD TA1D (KM56#777) - HRD 14*JA, JT1, BV, JA6, HZ, 9K, 7X, 4X, 5B, EA8, OD, UN - 1st Far East this year
25 May 2021 Some "Real" DX ...

24 May 2021 WKD UN3M - HRD 4X, 5T, KP2, W2, EA8
23 May 2021 WKD UN3G, CN8KD (CW) - HRD EY8MM, VR2XYL (OL72), JR6FC (PL36), OD, Z81D, HZ, 4X, KP4, KP2, VP2E, HI, 7X, CN8, S01, 9Y, FG5, J6, YV5
22 May 2021 HRD UN, RW5C (?)
21 May 2021 HRD BV6CC (PL03)
Good DX 21 May 2021: BV6CC out of the blue

20 May 2021 WKD UN1EAU (MO43#776), EA8 - HRD UN, VO1, VE1,2,3 (early), S01
19 May 2021 WKD WP4G, KP4TG, KP4JFR, NP3DM, WP3UX (all FK68), KP4RV (KP78), N1DG(FN42), K1SX (FN41), FG5GP (FK96), W2SM (FN20), WA1EAZ (FN42), K1LO (FN42), K3AJ (FM19), N2OO (FM29), W1FKF (FN43) and NP2J (FK77)) in CW! - HRD CN8, EA8, CU, KP4, VP2EIH, K1WHS, VO1, VE1, VE2, VE3 - received more than 100 stations - got flags in HK (Columbia)
18 May 2021 HRD TA, 5B, 4X, OD, EA8, 5T5PA
17 May 2021 -
16 May 2021 -
15 May 2021 WKD EA, CU - HRD 5T, EA8
14 May 2021 WKD EU - HRD CU, S01 ==> flag in VO1
13 May 2021 WKD UW5ZM (KN57#774), SE3X (JP63#775) + Europe (FT8 &CW) - HRD 9K, A4, A6, HZ, 4X, CU ==> my CQ was hrd in VE1 & W1 (!)
12 May 2021 HRD HZ
11 May 2021 HRD A45XR
10 May 2021 WKD TA4SO (KM47#773) - HRD A92, A65, A45, A7, 4X, 9K, HZ = getting more interesting now
9 May 2021 HRD EA8, CT3
8 May 2021 HRD UN, CN8, C31
=== reporting mainly DX from outside EU from now on ===
7 May 2021 WKD several EA in CW - HRD 4X, 5B
4 May 2021 HRD some EA7, IS0 and other EU
3 May 2021 HRD EA8
2 May 2021 WKD 7S2W - HRD SM3, SM2, LY, ES, OH

Posted by Christoph Petermann