Jul 31
Activity 50 MHz
22 July 2022 WKD BA7NQ (OL63#), 9M4BCN (OJ05#*), LB8DC (JP60#), EA8XNX - HRD UN, UK, 9K, 9N7AA, CO8LY, 4X
21 July 2022 WKD 9N7AA (NL27#*), BH8MDV (OL26#) - HRD UN, 4X
20 July 2022 HRD TA7, A7, HZ, W1..4, VE, VO
15 July 2022 HRD EA8, K1WE
14 July 2022 WKD R3OK (KO91#) - HRD JA, UK9, A6, 4X
13 July 2022 HRD WO2T, 4X, TA9, EA8
12 July 2022 all day nothing
10 July 2022 HRD JA, OD, W4, VE1 CU and KL7HBK for a short time - no chance for contact
09 July 2022 HRD W1/2/3, 10*JA, EA8, 4X, VE1, VO1, 9K, UN, HZ
08 July 2022 -
07 July 2022 WKD N2NL (EL88), W1TE (FN42) - HRD JA, W, VE, XE2YWH (DL92) - K1TOL in the morning at 06 UT !!
06 July 2022 WKD K3SK (FM07), K2TER (FN13), WV8DX (EM99#), KW4YA (EM78), W8AV (EN90), K5VIP (FM16), VE3NEA (FN03), W7JW (EN82), VA3DX (FN03), VE3CFK (EN82), W2GGY (FN03), W8GEX (EM79), VA3OKG (FN04#), N8OC (EN83), WX4G (EL87), KX8G (EN74), N4MM (FM09), WE9R (EN63), KO9A (EN52#), N4LR (EM50), NX7U (FN20), K3TRM (FM18), K3QF (FN10), W8UV (FM28), W1SSN (FN31), W1ATV (FN31), W9APE (EN63), VE2XK (FN07), K9NW (EM79), K9NR (EN61#), N2IFA (FN20), K8ZM (EN91), K9DJT (EN63), N0PB (EM39#), WA2TMB (FN13), K8GI (EN91), NA9RB (EN40), W9FF (EN40), WB9TFH (EN53#), K2DRH (EN41), AG6X (DM12#), KF0QR (EN35#), W0LGQ (EN21#), W6FL (DM13#), WQ0P (EM19#), AA7A (DM52#), KA2MGE (FN02), KE8FD (EN80), K0OWG (EM47#), XE2X (EL06), FP/KV1J (GN17#*), VO1DZA (GN37), VE1CWJ (FN85), KM0T (EN13#), K3SAE (FN21), N9BX (EM50), VA3IKE (EN82), K0IEA (EN35#), W3HMS (FN10), KC3ACQ (FN20), VE3OAT (FN25), N0ODK (EN35), N2OA (FN03), KA3S (EN90), VE3EN (FN25), NJ1H (FN42), K3ISH (FN21), WB2WGH (FN13), AA1BS (FN43) - HRD EA8, VE HI, HH
North America heard on 6th July 2022

05 July 2022 WKD VE1JBC (FN73), K5VIP (FM16), K5RK (EL29), KV5W (EM22), VP2ETE (FK88), KA9CFD (EN40), AC4G (EM65), N2JJ (FN33), EA8BFK (IL38) - HRD A6, DS4EOI, UN, 4X, CU, JA, W9, VO, W6/7 (DM03/04/43)
04 July 2022 HRD 9N7AA, PJ4MM, UT1FG/MM (HM89)
03 July 2022 WKD W3UR (FM19), WA1MTI (FN41), WA2FZW (FN20), KI5BLU (FN22), K1KA (FN42), NU1T (FN42), K4RW (EM92#), W1BS (FN32), W1AUV (FN32), N1DG (FN42), W6XA (EM73), K4OY (EM74),K3UL (FN11), KK4MA (EM93), K6EID (EM73), K4MY (EM74), K3UL (FN11), KA9UVY (EM58), KF8MY (EN84#), K4XP (EM84), K9RX (EM84) - HRD BA4SI, UN, VE, AX6D (DM22)
TX Flags in FT8 in Northern America on 3 July 2022

02 July 2022 HRD BH7ACO (OL68), 5B, OD, 4X
01 July 2022 HRD HZ, 4X, 9K and a few EU stns

Posted by Christoph Petermann