Christoph Petermann DF9CY 2008

Last Revision: 15 May 2008


I do a lot of antenna simulation. I try to simulate every antenna I get in "my fingers". Here is a small collection of EZNEC files of antennas I have interest in. I am asked frequently for EZNEC files. You may use this collection for your experiments. But it is only a small fraction of all the files I have "produced".

Download from here. You will get a directory structure similar to the antenna list below.

I use EZNEC+ Version 5. This fine simulation package is available from W7EL Roy Lewallen at These files may also be imported into 4NEC2 by Arie Voors

Listing of the files

1.8 MHz / 160m

7 MHz / 40m

10.1 MHz / 30m

28 MHz / 10m

50 MHz / 6m

144 MHz / 2m

432 MHz / 70cm

Other Antennas