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Last Revision: 19 December 2008

Andreas, DJ3JJ, brought me to re-thinking some antenna considerations and with Ron, N4GJV, I had a long discussion about the DL9KR design he uses in his EME antenna consisting of 4 yagies.

I am looking for a design of an antenna for a new 432 MHz EME antenna, which hopefully will consist of an array of 4 or 6 antennas. But the single antenna must work well before making a bay of four antennas or more. Therefore - and that was a lot of work - I put the available data into the EZNEC5+ program. I see that all antennas perform well. The YU7EF 21 Element antenna at the end outperforms all other design by producing very low side- and backlobes making it extremely low temperature.

In earlier times I use the Tonna 21 element yagi and a DL6WU 24 Element. I would like to have the dimensions of those antennas too. I suggest the 21 ele Tonna not being very good regarding sidelobes.

DJ9BV 22 Element Antenna This antenna has become very popular.
DK7ZB 21 Element Yagi
K1FO 22 Element yagi This antenna was first described
in the ARRL antenna handbook.
It has been used successfully many times
N4GJV's implementation of DL9KR's antenna design.
YU7EF An astonishing design of a 21 element antenna.