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 Simulation of the Konni Antennen 5 Element for 50 MHz

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Last Update: 28 Juni 2001

Uwe, DJ6MB, asked for a simulation of the new 5 Element antenna for 50 MHz. Here it is ! You may order this antenna from KONNI Antennen in Esselbach.

ELEMENT #  POSITION  center-to-end element length  Diameter 
Meters  Meters  Millimeters 
Reflector  1.443  12 
Dipole  1.05  1.385  12 folded dipole 
1 st Director  1.812  1.36  12 
2 nd Director  3.382  1.36  12 
3 rd Director  4.972  1.34  12 

Azimuth Diagram

Elevation Diagram

Elevation Diagram of 2 stacked antennas at 3.5 m distance

Elevation Diagram of 2 stacked antennas at 6.0 m distance

Wires configuration

All simulations are free space

My special thanks go to Roy Lewallen W7EL for programming this fantastic EZNEC 2.0

If you want to have more background knowledge on antennas and how-to make them, you will find an ultimate resource here:

L.B.Cebik W4RNL ultimate ANTENNA Site. A must !

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