Christoph Petermann DF9CY 2007

Last Revision: 21 November 2007


Since 2005 I have a (Wraase) receiver for the NOAA wheather satellites transmitting APT images. This is great fun especially while using my 9 element yagi with a preamplifier. It is often possible to receive quality images when the satellites orbit stays just 0 .. 3 below the horizon.

But not always I want to track the satellite manually. For "standard" reception an omnidirectional antenna should be sufficient. At Winkler Antennen I found a light weight and very fine made antenna for a reasonable price.

The antenna arrived - I put it below the roof until I can fix it outside with an amplifier. Even below the roof it performs very well.

Free Space Antenna Simulation

Antenna Simulation at 8m above Ground