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Last Revision: 01 March 2010


In order to experiment with weak-signal reception I purchased a SDR-IQ software defined radio receiver in late 2009. This page only shows some screenshots done with Leif Asbrink's Linrad software in connection with the SDR-IQ receiver. Unlike other available software Linrad is a bit mor tricky and requires more understanding for what is going on. It took me a while to get it running properly but now I dig out weak stations out of the noise I could not notice with the other software suites and my TS690s.

Click on the images to get a large display. (I say large display).

Here is the 40m band from 7.0 to 7.1 MHz with a lot of CW contest stations being on.

The 30m band looks a bit cleaner. Some weak spourious signals from my PCs monitor are visible.

On 20m again are a lot of contest stations beside some noise received.

The 10m band shows DM0AAD in the middle. DM0AAD is a beacon about 60km away from me. Remarkable is the big noise coming in from some computer or what ever. Its origine is not in my home.