Feb 28
The shack room is looking like new; I am still waiting for the table and some other furniture to be delivered. Bad weather prevented me from from transportation of that stuff.
Until then I am not really QRV.

The only thing I do is listening with the SDR-IQ - that is fun. As there are no tables and chairs in the room I sat down in Japanese style on the floor. I purchased a used Dell Latitude D820 notebook which has almost no unwanted radiation. The noise floor on the bands is looking very smooth and I made a lot of experiments using the SpectraVue software as well as Winrad and Linrad. The latter digs out a lot of stations on 40m. But it took me some time to get it running properly. I can't really await getting my station reassembled and testing the SDR-IQ on EME on 2m. I also tried WSPR with very good success on the SDR-IQ and the new notebook, which is running on Windows 7 - 32 bit. This combination is very much more sensitive than the Softrock 6.1 RXTX with my desktop PC.

Posted by Christoph Petermann