Oct 31
Antenna refurbishing. The antenna was down for a few days. I have exchanged a few cables. The 40m antenna has a new H2007 cable. The old one seems to have been very rotten. All signals are stronger now. See WSPR ... And the 432 MHz preamplifier is operational again, which was dead for a while after a nearby lightning strike.

31 October 2010: I operated the last part of the last day of the ARRL EME contest from DL0SHF. This was fun although I worked only 7 stations.

432 MHz
12 October 2010: GM6VXB (IO97#) gave me a new grid. In the NAC I worked a few stations. Best was LA2Z.
11 October 2010: Another new DXCC and grid OY4TN (IP62#) at a distance of ca 1250 km !!
10 October 2010: After erecting the antenna I immediately worked YL3AG (KO06), YL2AO (KO16#) and LY2WR (KO25#) as new DXCC with 10w and my 2*9ele. In the evening I could reach a number of G stations.

144 MHz
12 October 2010: Tropo is down a bit, but I could work EI8IP (IO63).
11 October 2010: Big tropo opening. I work into F, G, GW and EI3GE called me by surprise. Later on Aurora came up and I worked a few stations.
05 October 2010: worked a bunch of stations in the NAC.

7 MHz
16/17 October 2010: Made 310 QSOs on 40m in the Worked All Germany (WAG) contest. I am very pleased with the results, as I made this in just a bit over 3 hours. Last year I made ca 220 QSOs in over 6 hours.

After the antenna refurbishing with a new cable for the shortwave antenna, everything seem to be much stronger. I can also see this in the reports I get on WSPR. All birdies from the computer seem to be gone too ! It is real fun to see how WSPR is running with the FLEX-1500 at 2w level.

Posted by Christoph Petermann