Mar 31
Free Space Propagation Calculator
I have repaired the Download page for this calculator, which did not work correctly: Download Page

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Mar 31
Activity 144 MHz
2m Antenna was down for 6 weeks after clamp broken in storm. Now repaired and cleaned and working again. (Feb)

Activity 50 MHz
30 March 2024 HRD ZS6NJ
29 March 2024 HRD ZS6NJ
28 March 2024 HRD V51MA, ZS6NK
15 March 2024 HRD ZS6NJ
27 February 2024 HRD ZS6OB

Activity 21 MHz
January/February/March 2024 WKD 43 new DXCC entities (now142) with 40m dipole since 1 Jan.

Activity 7 MHz
January/February/March 2024 WKD 5 new DXCC entities (now177) since 1 Jan.

Posted by Christoph Petermann