Mar 1
Activity 144 MHz
27 February 2023 WKD DL, GM, SM via big Aurora (preferred the visual display)
14 February 2023 WKD some Tropo to SM, OK, F, LA

Activity 50 MHz
27 February 2023 WKD OH, LA, SM, DL, PA via big Aurora (preferred the visual display)
21 February 2023 HRD ZS6AYE, ZS6OB, TT8SN
20 February 2023 HRD D4L very strong
18 February 2023 WKD TZ4AM in CW - HRD ZS6AYE, ZS6NJ

Activity 7 MHz
WKD a bit in FT8

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Jan 31
Activity 144 MHz
23 January 2023 WKD in Tropo Opening SM, OH, G, GW, YL, EW, EW6D (KO55#), EW6FS (KO35#), SM5EPC (JP90#), F5BEG (JN07#) - HRD RA3LX - Great opening with stations from OH8 abt 1800km hrd.

Activity 50 MHz
9 January 2023 WKD LZ, I, S5, 9A, YT, SV, CT & CT in another Winter's SporadicE Opening
4 January 2023 WKD many I, DL, OE & G in SporadicE & Meteorscatter
3 January 2023 HRD 5B4AMX - Some Winter Sporadic E going on, lots of EU hrd.
3 January 2023 Uploaded all 2022 contacts to LotW (ARRL Logbook of the World) today.

Activity 7 MHz
WKD about 50 stations so far.

Other Activity
21 January 2023 40 MHz (8m) HRD OZ7IGY (40.071 MHz), WM2XEJ (EM83), WM2XAN (EN74)
21 January 2023 40 MHz (8m) first ever station heard on this band (EI2IP)

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Dec 31
New Year 2023 starting.
May all your wishes come true and our world become more peaceful.

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Dec 31
Activity 144 MHz
26 December 2022 HRD some strong CW Aurora
7 December 2022 WKD SM, YL, DL, LA via CW Aurora
7 November 2022 WKD YL, SM, OH, G4, LA via strong Aurora (18 stns CW)
3 November 2022 WKD SM6 via Aurora

Activity 50 MHz
7 December 2022 WKD SM, DL, LA, OH via CW Aurora
7 November 2022 WKD GM, SM, DL, LA via strong Aurora (12 stns CW, 1*SSB)
5 November 2022 WKD 5V7RU (JJ06*#) - HRD 5V7RU, TT8SN, EL2BG (IJ46), TR8CA, EA8
4 November 2022 HRD 5V7RU (JJ06), EA8
3 November 2022 HRD TT8SN

Activity 7 and 21 MHz
22 .. 31 December 2022 WKD ca 150 stations via FT8 mode worldwide

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Dec 31
There were things to be clarified with this i3theme of Serendipity (S9Y) blog version 2.4.0 running on PHP8.0.
This has been clarified and things are running well.

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Oct 23
Activity 50 MHz
23 October 2022 HRD TR8CA, TY0RU (JJ16 - lost in QSO)
22 October 2022 WKD YL, SM, OZ in CW Aurora - HRD TEP ZS6NJ, ZS6PD, ZS6NK
20 October 2022 HRD ZS6NK
17 October 2022 WKD TZ4AM (IK52) in CW
16 October 2022 HRD ZD7BG
15 October 2022 WKD ZD7MY (IH74) for surprise with really strong signal; worked him years ago in CW - HRD ZD7BG (IH74)

Activity 1296 MHz DL0SHF Remote
14..16 October 2022 WKD 7*Q65C and 1*CW then equipment failure

Only some listening in September

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Aug 31
Activity 50 MHz
After this only a few inner EU contacts were made. The Sporadic E season ended rapidly.
7 August 2022 WKD UN7PHV (MN69), UN8PY (MN69) UN9LCW (MO13), JJ3JHP (PM75), CO3JA (EL93#), AJ4LJ (EL96), KB4MRX (EL96), W4AS (EL95), KM4HI (EL89), NA5DX (EM50), KC3ACQ (FN20), K5WBM (EM50) - HRD UN, JA, JX, CU, FG8OJ
6 August 2022 WKD JA9PPC (PM86), JP7EIP (QM08), JA1UAV (PM96), JE1VTZ (PM95), JA0RUG (PM97), JE7GXQ (QM09), JA7CSS (QM09), JA1BOP (PM95), JA1JRK (QM06), JH7BAY (QM07), JA7MOL (QM07), JA7MIT (QM08), JA7XBG (QM08), JA7EVP (PM86), JR2HCB (PM85), JI2XIU, JA2FBY (PM85), JF2KOZ (PM84), JF2UPM (PM84), JE2PUC (PM84), JA9NLE (PM86), JE2UAZ (PM84), JA9APS (PM86), HL3GOB (PM36), JE7ETY (PM98#), HL4CJG (PM35#), and later on: WB0O (EM37), XE3ISS (EL61#), XE3N (EL60#), W7MEM (DN17#), LA6GU (JP53#), W6UC (DM05#) - HRD OD, 4X, 5B, HZ, UN, 9K, VO1, VE7DAY (CO70), XI0X (EK09), XE3E (EL60), JX/LB4MI (IQ51), OX3HI/B (GP47-CW)
North America Opening on 6 August 2022 - DF9CY Signals recorded by PSKReporter

I had to be out for 2 hours during the opening in the morning ... :-(
Fantastic JA Pile-up on 6 August 2022

Late strong JA/HL Opening on 6 August 2022

5 August 2022 WKD WA4LOX (EL87), KN4TYK (EL87), N4TB (EL97) and some EU - HRD PV8DX, PJ4DX, HI3T, 9Y4D, S01WS, NP3, EA8, UN, TA9, 9K, A6
3 August 2022 HRD EA8, OD, 4X
2 August 2022 WKD VO1CH (GN37)
1 August 2022 WKD 5B4AIF, OD5VB - HRD 4X, CU, W1, 5B, OD

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Jul 31
Activity 50 MHz
22 July 2022 WKD BA7NQ (OL63#), 9M4BCN (OJ05#*), LB8DC (JP60#), EA8XNX - HRD UN, UK, 9K, 9N7AA, CO8LY, 4X
21 July 2022 WKD 9N7AA (NL27#*), BH8MDV (OL26#) - HRD UN, 4X
20 July 2022 HRD TA7, A7, HZ, W1..4, VE, VO
15 July 2022 HRD EA8, K1WE
14 July 2022 WKD R3OK (KO91#) - HRD JA, UK9, A6, 4X
13 July 2022 HRD WO2T, 4X, TA9, EA8
12 July 2022 all day nothing
10 July 2022 HRD JA, OD, W4, VE1 CU and KL7HBK for a short time - no chance for contact
09 July 2022 HRD W1/2/3, 10*JA, EA8, 4X, VE1, VO1, 9K, UN, HZ
08 July 2022 -
07 July 2022 WKD N2NL (EL88), W1TE (FN42) - HRD JA, W, VE, XE2YWH (DL92) - K1TOL in the morning at 06 UT !!
06 July 2022 WKD K3SK (FM07), K2TER (FN13), WV8DX (EM99#), KW4YA (EM78), W8AV (EN90), K5VIP (FM16), VE3NEA (FN03), W7JW (EN82), VA3DX (FN03), VE3CFK (EN82), W2GGY (FN03), W8GEX (EM79), VA3OKG (FN04#), N8OC (EN83), WX4G (EL87), KX8G (EN74), N4MM (FM09), WE9R (EN63), KO9A (EN52#), N4LR (EM50), NX7U (FN20), K3TRM (FM18), K3QF (FN10), W8UV (FM28), W1SSN (FN31), W1ATV (FN31), W9APE (EN63), VE2XK (FN07), K9NW (EM79), K9NR (EN61#), N2IFA (FN20), K8ZM (EN91), K9DJT (EN63), N0PB (EM39#), WA2TMB (FN13), K8GI (EN91), NA9RB (EN40), W9FF (EN40), WB9TFH (EN53#), K2DRH (EN41), AG6X (DM12#), KF0QR (EN35#), W0LGQ (EN21#), W6FL (DM13#), WQ0P (EM19#), AA7A (DM52#), KA2MGE (FN02), KE8FD (EN80), K0OWG (EM47#), XE2X (EL06), FP/KV1J (GN17#*), VO1DZA (GN37), VE1CWJ (FN85), KM0T (EN13#), K3SAE (FN21), N9BX (EM50), VA3IKE (EN82), K0IEA (EN35#), W3HMS (FN10), KC3ACQ (FN20), VE3OAT (FN25), N0ODK (EN35), N2OA (FN03), KA3S (EN90), VE3EN (FN25), NJ1H (FN42), K3ISH (FN21), WB2WGH (FN13), AA1BS (FN43) - HRD EA8, VE HI, HH
North America heard on 6th July 2022

05 July 2022 WKD VE1JBC (FN73), K5VIP (FM16), K5RK (EL29), KV5W (EM22), VP2ETE (FK88), KA9CFD (EN40), AC4G (EM65), N2JJ (FN33), EA8BFK (IL38) - HRD A6, DS4EOI, UN, 4X, CU, JA, W9, VO, W6/7 (DM03/04/43)
04 July 2022 HRD 9N7AA, PJ4MM, UT1FG/MM (HM89)
03 July 2022 WKD W3UR (FM19), WA1MTI (FN41), WA2FZW (FN20), KI5BLU (FN22), K1KA (FN42), NU1T (FN42), K4RW (EM92#), W1BS (FN32), W1AUV (FN32), N1DG (FN42), W6XA (EM73), K4OY (EM74),K3UL (FN11), KK4MA (EM93), K6EID (EM73), K4MY (EM74), K3UL (FN11), KA9UVY (EM58), KF8MY (EN84#), K4XP (EM84), K9RX (EM84) - HRD BA4SI, UN, VE, AX6D (DM22)
TX Flags in FT8 in Northern America on 3 July 2022

02 July 2022 HRD BH7ACO (OL68), 5B, OD, 4X
01 July 2022 HRD HZ, 4X, 9K and a few EU stns

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Jun 30
Activity 144 MHz
11 June 2022 WKD CT1DIZ (IM58#), CT2HXM (IN60#), CT1ANO (IN51#), CT1HIX (IN52), EA6SX (JM19), EA6ALL (JM19), EB1DJ (IN52), EA6TC (JM19), EA6VQ (JM19), SV3EAO (KM08#), SV3DCX (KM08), SV2DCD (KN00#), Z32KF (KN01#) - HRD many stations SV, YO, ZA, I, EA7 and CT
144 MHz FT8 received (not complete)

9 June 2022 WKD EA5BQC (IM98), EA5AQB (IM98) - EA5U, EA5D (JN00), IT9GSF, IW0FFK

Activity 50 MHz
30 June 2022 HRD 7O/DL7ZM (LK72?), 4X, A7, HZ, 5B
29 June 2022 HRD nothing so far
28 June 2022 HRD N0TB, mni KP4, YV5
27 June 2022 WKD KK4MA (EM93#), some CW EU - HRD W3/4
26 June 2022 WKD A62A (LL75) - HRD 7O/DL7ZM, A9, HZ, 9K, OD
25 June 2022 HRD no DX at all
24 June 2022 WKD JA3BOA (PM74) - HRD 9N7AA, HL2DBP (PM47), JA, UK8, UN, EY
23 June 2022 WKD some CW - HRD UN, 9K, K1TOL
22 June 2022 WKD UN7JX (NN19#) - HRD FG, W4
21 June 2022 HRD EA8, UN, CN, K1, W0, W5, ZS6NK, V51WW (JH81)
20 June 2022 WKD K1SIX - HRD a few NA Stations
19 June 2022 HRD 9N7AA (NL27), BV3UF(PL04)
18 June 2022 HRD S01, EA8
17 June 2022 WKD AC4TO (EM70), K5EK (FM03) - HRD 30+*NA
16 June 2022 HRD D44, EA8, 10*JA, UK, UN, CU, 4X, S01
15 June 2022 WKD PJ2BR (FK52*), HC2FG (FI07#*) - EA8, WP4, CN, VO1, FG, YV5
14 June 2022 HRD JA, SU, PY2RMY
13 June 2022 HRD N7KA (DM65), W5, EA8, VE, PJ4MM
12 June 2022 WKD HZ1CY (LL09#), SV8FCU (KM38#), IU6JMK (JN63), XE2X (EL06), AC2PB (FN20), N9FN (EN60#), KC2TN (FM29), K2RET (FM29), W3FAY (FM18), N2AXX (FN21), K1HTV (FM18), KF2T (FM19), WB3DPL (FN20), K4SO (FM18), NF3R (FN20), N8DX (EN82), K5RK (EL29#), WE1P (FN22), PV8DX (FJ92), WA5ZFP (EL49#), KT4AC (EM55), KA9CFD (EN40#), VE2XK (FN07#), VE3EK (FN03), N5AO (EM20), N5XZ (EL29), W5PF (EM20), K8ROX (EN80), VE3LYC (FN14#), N5JR (EM12), N2ZX (FN32), KD5M (EM60), WA5HOD (EM40), W1SKU (EN82), NQ8O (EN81), KE8FD (EN80), N0FW (EM79), W5KI (EM36#), N4UPX (EM50), KZ2I (FM29), KC8YDS (EN91), KR1ST (FN21), KZ2I (FM29), K4MOG (EM73), KK2I (FN03), K3FM (EM50), K5DL (EM50) and several W and XE2X in CW - HRD ca 10* JA, 9K, A9, UN, UK, EY, A6, EY, A6, 4X, HZ, ET3AA, XE3MEX (EK08), XE1YD (EK09) and several hundred U.S.A Never heard so many stations from NA at the same time.

11 June 2022 WKD JY4CY (KM71), JA5FDJ (PM63), JF3VAX (PM74), JA0CRI (PM96), JA0FIL (PM97), JA0MVW (PM97), JF3MYA (PM74), JA9CHI (PM86), JA5FFJ (PM63), JO3DDD (PM75), JG2WND (PM85), JD1BLY (QL17#*), JA9LSZ (PM86), JH4UYB (PM86), TA4RC (KM59#) - HRD very many from BY, UN, JT1CO, 5B, 4X, HZ, 9K, A4, A6, A9, OD and W7 and more. What a great day with very rare highlight JD1BLY!
50 MHz received with Highlight JD1BLY (QL07) - lower right worked.

10 June 2022 WKD RW9MC (MO65#*) & EU in CW - HRD ca 40*JA, HL, UN, UK, A6, A7, EA8, HZ, 5B, 9K, 4X, 4L, IH9, V31MA, ZF1EJ, K4, D4L, VA6DX (DO33)
9 June 2022 WKD TA4/PE2M (KM66#), W4JPL (FM05), W7DO (EM94), KX4DX (EM96), WB3D (FM07), NN4SS (EM94), KE8KMX (FM09#), K4HB (EM83), WA2ONG (FM08#), W3IP (FM19), W8UV (FM28#), AA5JF (EM83), WB8BPU (FM19), W3DQS (EM95), N4UFP (EM94), WB4JWM (EM83), W8TN (EM98), N3NT (FM19), N1LID (FM18), K4JJQ (FM18), K2UO (FN20), KZ2I (FM29), WD4OBP (FM16) - HRD JT1CO, 15*JA, 4L, 4X, 9K, HZ, A6, UN, BV6CC, 5*BA, 5B, KP4, EA8, ca 150*W1/2/3/4/5
8 June 2022 WKD N3MK (FM27), WO4O (EL98), K4MY (EM74), W8HW (EL97), K5NQ (EM40), W4GMT (EM14), K1TO (EL87), KW4BY (EL96), KN4NN (EM70), NH6T (EM63#), KV4HV (EL94#) - 4X, UK8, UN, 9K, CO, VO, VE9, VE2
7 June 2022 WKD WP4G (FK68), HI3T (FK49), CO8LY (FL20#*), N1NK (FN41), XE2X (EL06#*), VE3DZ (FN03), AE3T (FN20), VE3CKO (FN02), W5AFY (EM04#), N5OK (EM15#) - HRD UN, EA8, 5B, HZ, A6, 4L, UK, 9K, HI3, ZF, W1/2/3/4/5/6, CO, XE, VE, VO, 9M4BCN (OJ05)
6 June 2022 WKD VR2XYL (OL72), UN7FW (MO71#819), CU1EZ (HM76) in CW, FG8OJ (FK96), PJ4MM (FK52), 8P6RY (GK03ef#*) - HRD JA, VR2, UK8, 9K, EA8, A6, HZ, A7, A9, EA8, TA9, FG, 8P, PJ, YV, UA9
5 June 2022 WKD EA8JK (IL18) - HRD HZ, WP3UX, CU, TF and N6JV (CM98) [TX flag from him as well]
3 June 2022 WKD TT8SN (JK72) in CW and more EU in CW - HRD UN, 9K, 4X, EA8, D44EO, KP4 and YB5QZ (OJ00)
2 June 2022 HRD W9, W4

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Jun 1
Activity 50 MHz
17 May 2022 HRD EA8
17 May 2022 HRD 4U1ITU, 9K, EA8
16 May 2022 HRD ZD7BG, ZD7MY
=== reporting mainly DX from outside EU from now on ===
15 May 2022 WKD TA1, LZ, CT, EA7 - HRD EA8, PY5CC (GG54), PY2XB (GG66)
13 May 2022 WKD EI
12 May 2022 WKD GI, GJ
11 May 2022 WKD OH, I, GM, IT9
9 May 2022 WKD EI, G
7 May 2022 WKD I, SV
6 May 2022 WKD KP4JRS (FK68), CT, EA1, F (SSB) - HRD EA8, NP3XF
2 May 2022 WKD EA

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May 1
Activity 50 MHz
29 April 2022 WKD TEP : ZS6NJ (KG33) - WKD ES : I8, LZ, SV - HRD : ZS6WN, ZS6WAB, ZS6KED, ZS6AYE and 5B, 4X, TA4
28 April 2022 WKD TEP ZS6NK (KG46), ZS6AF (KG54#) - WKD Es I7, YU, SV (CW and FT8)
24 April 2022 WKD Es I7, E79 - HRD ZS6NK vy strong
21 April 2022 WKD ES : EA1,3,4 - HRD CT
18 April 2022 HRD TEP : ZS6BUN (KG43), ZS6NJ, ZS6WN (KG46)
14 April 2022 WKD in strong Aurora : OH, OZ, PA, SM3,4,7 and YL
6 April 2022 HRD TEP: ZS6NJ, ZS6MAW (KG44), TT8SN
3 April 2022 HRD D44EO very strong for about 15 min. 1st real DX this year.

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Mar 31
Activity 7 MHz
SoMe FT8 and CW contacts

Activity 1296 MHz DL0SHF EME
Big number of QSOs made

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Dec 18
Now again a year comes to its end.
Have a Fine Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022 despite this Corona stuff.

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