Mar 2
Since 10 January I cannot turn the antenna, so almost nothing worked.
144 MHz
04 January 2015 Widespread Aurora. Worked GM, LA, SM, ES, OH and YL3IQ (KO17 new GridSquare). Moon was too bright to see the Aurora, even it was strong enough.

50 MHz
17 March 2015 Very strong Aurora ! With my 40m antenna (the 6m antenna is still down) I worked one Station (DF9OX) and heard many as far south as Italy and this for many hours,
07 January 2015 After more than 12 years I first time received F2 signals. They were weak, but I identified W1JJ and K1SIX. In early evening the band opened with SporadicE and I got stations from LZ, YO, YU and SV. Heard was 4X1RF in Israel with a very good signal.
04 January 2015 Large Aurora opening. Activity was low, but I could get a number of stations from OZ, LA, SM, OH and ES.
03 January 2015 A few stations worked via Meteorscatter in JT6m Mode
02 January 2015 Good aurora on 6m. Worked a number of stations from OH, SM, LA and OY9JD

7 March 2015 The provisional 40m antenna is up at 16 meters and working very well.
21/22 February 2015 About 60 contacts in ARRL DX CW contest on 40m band. I spent about 2 hours looking for U.S. states. I got 27 US and 2 Canada. Highlight were two longpath contacts to San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington.
January/February 2015 A number of new DXCC Areas on 40m and 15m are in the log. The 40m dipole is working as well as it could in a height of 9m. I have a small YEASU FL2100 shortwave amplifier with 450 watts now. But the 6 dB power increase did not help with the K1N Navassa Island and EP6T Iran expeditions, which I both did not work although they were very strong.

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