Aug 31
The month seems to be very busy with other things to do ...
144 MHz
27 August 2015 Very good aurora on 2m. More than 20 stations from LA, SM, G, GM, YL, ES and OH worked.

50 MHz
28 August 2015 Next day aurora. This time worked LA and OZ. Heard were several German stations.
27 August 2015 Another strong aurora. Worked several LA.
26 August 2015 Some strong Aurora signals from SM, OZ and LA heard.
18 August 2015 First time successfully ran WSPR on 6m. Signals came both ways from PA, DL (506 km tropo), OZ and UT (via Es) with only 2w out.
15 August 2015 Es to SP9, OM, S5, SV. Nice listening with SDR.
13 August 2015 Nordic Activity this night. Some stations (SM4, SM5, OH3, OH6) worked in CW and in JT6M with Sporadic E and/or Meteorscatter help.
11 August 2015 Worked Expedition EI9E (IO43) in some late Sporadic E. Some minutes later K7BV (FM09) showed up weakly for a while. I did some listening in the Perseids activity, but I did not work anyone.

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