Nov 9
when being at work yesterday I found the Flex PowerSDR Beta 2.0.16 being released. So when I was back home I immediately installed on my 3 computers (P4 2 GHz WinXP 32 prof; DualCore 2.6 GHz WinXP home 32; Dell D820 Notebook w. DualCore Win7 32bit). Just to make it short:

# The software installed flawlessly in each case; no bluescreens, funny messages or whatelse. Running the software on the XP machines seems to be very robust. I did a lot of funny things - I could not get it crashed. The situation is a bit different on the Dell D820 laptop with Windows 7.
# The crackling noise I have reported earlier to the Flex guys is not completely gone; there may be one or two within a minute or so.
# Running WSPR the TX signal is clean on the Dell now. 1)
# Tried PSK-31 with HRD and Digitalmaster 780 on the XP DualCore - fine !
# CW is very good on the XP machines; much better than before on the Dell laptop, but not really good.
# SSB has about 0.3 sec delay on the Dell laptop. I have an annoying AF tone transmitted, I am sure its my problem with this microphone I am using (Sennheiser PC-151 headset).
# AF sound in this headset is excellent.
# The receiver works as fine as before with no or much less crackling noise. It is already moonbounce proven on 6m and 2m (with a converter)

1) I have some 50Hz hum on the signal. It is weak but easily audible with another receiver. With my RFSpace SDR-IQ these 50 Hz show as multiples on either side of the carrier. I have changed to a low noise power supply, but this did not change. Any reason for that hum ?? This is an issue to be cleared. I sent a screenshot to FlexRadio.

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