Dec 31
My new job is keeping me very busy now and there is not too much time for the radio. Anyway I worked some stuff:

432 MHz
27 October 2014 with only 5w in my small antenna I got: F5EAN (JN06cp - 1113km); F6APE (IN97qi - 1088km) and F6DZR (IN96rt - 1132km).
4/5 October 2014 Some stations worked in the IARU contest

144 MHz
11 November 2014 Aurora ! Only worked LA0BY.
1 November 2014 MARCONI CW contest. A few worked.
28 October 2014 ES3RF (KO29) and YL3AG (KO06) via tropo.
27 October 2014 Superb tropo. Worked a number of French stations in south-west France and a new ODX on 2m tropo: EA2XR (IN83ki - 1564 km)
20 October 2014 Good aurora but only worked SM0NKZ (JP99)

50 MHz
12 September 2014 Some good aurora to LA and SM. The Aurora was visible and I made some images.

7 MHz
December 2014 Few stations worked on 40m.
29/30 November 2014 Worked 140 stations in CQWW-CW contest.
18/19 October 2014 About 150 stations worked in WAG (Worked All Germany - CW only) contest.

A few stations worked on 7 and 21 MHz. All in CW

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