Jul 31
50 MHz
31 July 2009: Only a few and weak signal via Es heard on 6m throughout the last evenings. I will take down the antenna tower in the next days for some upgrade and controls.
28 July 2009: Open to OH8/9 in the afternoon when I returned home from work. Later strong signals from YO, SV. Finally worked 4X4DK with big signal. Es opening was strong with close stations from SP6/9 were audiable. I had an ear on 2m, but heard nothing.
27 July 2009: J79PAK (FK95) was in here for quite a while, but too weak to break the pile-ups. No other DX heard.
26 July 2009: Strong CN8KD and lots of EAs and EA8s on the band. Worked some of them.
25 July 2009: SA7AGE (JO87) over 508km tropo was a new grid in the early morning. Some weak stations from YO were worked in the morning. In the afternoon I got some EAs and multihop EA8. Stopped when again lightnings flashed through the sky.
22 July 2009: Nothing on 6m this evening. Huge thunderstorm went through. Had some near lightning hits but no damage. I preferred to to make a bike tour instead of sitting at the radio after the storm.
20 July 2009: I was only on shortly keeping an eye to the north paths, as beacons from JW (Swalbard) were audible. Nothing else.

144 MHz
04 July 2009: Sporadic-E !! Worked EA8AVI (IL28fc Gran Canaria) over a 3588km path. What a thrill !!

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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