Dec 31
My new job is keeping me very busy now and there is not too much time for the radio. Anyway I worked some stuff:

432 MHz
27 October 2014 with only 5w in my small antenna I got: F5EAN (JN06cp - 1113km); F6APE (IN97qi - 1088km) and F6DZR (IN96rt - 1132km).
4/5 October 2014 Some stations worked in the IARU contest

144 MHz
11 November 2014 Aurora ! Only worked LA0BY.
1 November 2014 MARCONI CW contest. A few worked.
28 October 2014 ES3RF (KO29) and YL3AG (KO06) via tropo.
27 October 2014 Superb tropo. Worked a number of French stations in south-west France and a new ODX on 2m tropo: EA2XR (IN83ki - 1564 km)
20 October 2014 Good aurora but only worked SM0NKZ (JP99)

50 MHz
12 September 2014 Some good aurora to LA and SM. The Aurora was visible and I made some images.

7 MHz
December 2014 Few stations worked on 40m.
29/30 November 2014 Worked 140 stations in CQWW-CW contest.
18/19 October 2014 About 150 stations worked in WAG (Worked All Germany - CW only) contest.

A few stations worked on 7 and 21 MHz. All in CW

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Dec 19
During the past days I ran WSPR on the 40m band. Results were amazing with stations receiving my signal all over the world. I was running 2 watts of output only into a low hanging 40m monoband dipole. Its main beam direction is straight up resulting in strong signals from all over Europe. But many reports came from the Philippines, Australia and America as well.

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Dec 15
Interstellarum ist eine der besten Zeitschriften (nicht nur) für den ambitionierten Astronomieamateur. Allein auf "Good-Will" kann so eine Zeitschrift nicht überleben. Vielleicht wollt ihr mithelfen, damit etwas Abwechslung in diesem ohnehin dünnen Markt erhalten bleibt.

Retten Sie interstellarum!

Klickt auf das Banner und schaut Euch um.

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Dec 1
There was not much time for playing around in the CQWW CW contest. But I managed to work about 140 stations in 49 DXCC areas with my little low-hanging antenna. I heard many more countries but they were merely unreachable. A better antenna would certainly yield in more countries worked. But this result (Little bit over 15000 Points) with such short time (2 hours altogether) on the air is not bad.

Posted by Christoph Petermann