Jul 30
Only until 18 July; the other part of the month I spent in SM7

50 MHz
18 July 2015 OH9SIX beacon and EA8DBM heard in the morning.
17 July 2015 EA3 worked.
13 July 2015 Weak Aurora going on and no Sporadic E heard. Made my first JT65 tropo contact on 6m (I worked and heard EME only in that mode on 2m and 6m)
09 July 2015 Some OH and SM are in the log. A lot of stations from EA, CT and F were heard.
08 July 2015 Many strong signals. Worked some F and ZA/US2YW (Albania JM99). Heard N1ZZZ/mm (JM27)
07 July 2015 KP4EIT was heard briefly. UN3M was worked with good signals.
06 July 2015 Again 9K2 and A45 heard.
05 July 2015 Some Ukraine heard and worked.
04 July 2015 Worked a few Italians and heard 9K2 and A45. Big Thunderstorm went through.
03 July 2015 Came home from my job and immediately worked AC4TO (EM77), who was alone on the band.

Posted by Christoph Petermann