Sep 1
50 MHz

27..31 August 2018 Some FT8 signals seen, mostly via meteors.
27 August 2018 Weak Aurora signals on TV carriers and some weak FT8 stations only.
26 August 2018 Strong Aurora heard early in the morning and in the afternoon AU came back and I could work some stations in CW.
22 August 2018 Worked S01WS in CW, some F and EA2s in SSB and CTs in FT8
19 August 2018 RX running FT8 - only DX were EA8 and S01.
15 August 2018 Lots of EU activity seen. DX season over?
14 August 2018 Opening to Italy
13 August 2018 Inner EU SporadicE lots of stations in FT8 - CW silence
12 August 2018 A number of scatter contacts with Perseid meteors done.
11 August 2018 Antenna is up and running again.
6 August 2018 The first time since 15 months the antenna is down for a number of repairs to be done.
5 August 2018 PreAmp supply line seems to be broken when turning the antenna, which makes a sensitivity loss of about 1 dB. A single JA was seen and A9 and OD5 was open in the morning.
4 August 2018 The morning hours saw some EU with the band open to EA8 and S01. I was out to a ham meeting and when I returned in the evening, band was open to North America. I worked W1, W2 from (FN13, 42, 54) FT8 frequency was overcrowded. I also worked KP2, KP4, HH, HI from FK57, 58, 67, 68 and YV5IUA (FK60). W3CMP (FN10) was worked in CW. Heard were HK3, VE1, VE2, VE3, VO, 9Y, CO8 and K8. This evening made me 4 new gridsquares ...
3 August 2018 Lots of EU seen in FT8. No chance to get a QSO in CW. Around 11 UT band opened and I worked FT8: WP4G and later in CW: NP2J (FK77). Hrd were W1, W4, FG, HI, FM5.
2 August 2018 Several JAs and a DS5 were seen around 7:40UT. All below -15 dB. UN3 and 9K2 were strong. Lots of EU in. In early evening ZF came through in FT8 as only DX here.
1 August 2018 A large opening EU/US, but only two W4 stations from Florida made it into my RX (FT8).

7 MHz

26 August 2018 Worked a few Europe in FT8 and CW

Posted by Christoph Petermann