Feb 27
Image of the current antennas for 2m and 6m (new on top) and the preamplifiers

First of all, the new antenna for 50 MHz is up on 22 February. This 6 element antenna I purchased from G0KSC and he calls it OP-DES design. First impression is a very different receive "feeling" to the 4 element, I have used throughout the past year. Some directions shown more noise and some a lot less noise, depending on whereto the antenna is pointed. Tropospheric signals I always receive show a bit more signal, as far I can see. But when the tower was still down with the new antenna pointing into the air, it was amazing silent. But still the antenna ist not tuned to the best matching, this will be done in the next days.
As I had the tower down, I took the chance to look after the preamplifier for the 2m antenna. Again a GaAs Fet transistor had to be changed. It is the 4th I have put into this SSB SuperAmp. They seem to be quite sensitive. Now the amplifier is working again and the station is sensitive. The first station received was almost 800 km away. Good start anyway.

By 27 February 2021 the antenna is completed and tuned. Excellent match now with VSWR of 1,07:1 or better from 50.0 .. 50.45 MHz.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Feb 27
Activity 50 MHz
27 February 2021 Completed the antenna
25/26 February 2021 Tried to receive signals from the moon. I think now, noise levels are too high.
23 February 2021 Made some digital contacts - antenna working well.
22 February 2021 New 6 element for 6m is up in 12m.
6 .. 19 February 2021 Extensivly tested the new WSJT mode Q65 with a good number of contacts up to 1200km.

Activity 144 MHz
27 February 2021 First time after long time heard signals off the moon on 2m (RX1AS)

Posted by Christoph Petermann