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Jun 30
Activity 144 MHz
25 June 2021 HRD SporadicE : EA6SA
16 June 2021 WKD SporadicE : EA5WU (IM98), EA5U (IM98), EA5ABG (IM99#)
16 June 2021 - DF9CY Signal in Sporadic E opening to EA on 144 MHz

Missed 2nd opening | 3rd opening to EA/CT/IT9 : WKD EC7AKV (IM77aj#), IT9GSF (JM67#), CT1FFU (IM59#)
16 June 2021 40 Stations Received in 3rd opening on 144MHz

3 June 2021 HRD SporadicE UT5ST (KN28)

Activity 50 MHz
30 June 2021 WKD JA3BXF (PM74), JK2TTP (PM83#), JA4CQS (PM64), JA6LCJ (PM52#), BA4MY (OM86#), JA4LKB (PM53), DS4EOI (PM37#), JH6RKI (PM53), JA6JEW (PM53), HL3GOB (PM36#), JA4EPE (PM53), JE6HJT (PM53), JA6RJK (PM53), JH5MXB (PM63), JA6BZI (PM53), JA6TEW (PM53), JG6TPY (PM53), JA6VQA (PM53), JE6AZU (PM51#800), JF2EEK (PM85), JH6PFY (PM53), JH0INP (PM96), JA1RJU (PM95), JI1WTF (PM95) then turned antenna and immediately: W4MAY (EL97), KO4MA (EL88) .. Little later : 9K2YM (LL48#)- HRD UN3G, T6, 6* BA, 6* HL, BG0BBB (NN33), HL5OC (PM45), AP2AM (big pile), 100* JA, W4, W5, 5T, 9Z4Y, YV5IUA
29 June 2021 HRD 15* JA, HL3GOB
28 June 2021 WKD W4AS (EL95), NK4L (EL95), AC4TO (EM70), K5EK (FM03#), J35X* (FK92#) - HRD 5* JA, 5* KP4, 3* HI, CU, 9Y, 5* K, FG (TO11A), XE2OR, J79TWA
27 June 2021 - a "black" day -
26 June 2021 WKD A61DD (LL85#), TA2LG (KN50), OD5ET (KM73), 10*EU in CW - HRD 9K, OD, A6, BA4SI, EA8, A7, A4, UN, 4X, FG, HI, KP4, 5T
25 June 2021 WKD EU in CW - HRD JA6CGE, SU1SK, 4X, EA8, KP4, HZ, 7X
24 June 2021 HRD 4* JA, UN, EA8, CN8,
23 June 2021 HRD JE1BHT (PM51), 9K, UN, HZ, A7
22 June 2021 HRD only N4II (EM70) - very silent day
21 June 2021WKD KA1QBO (FN42), K1YOW (FN42), N1KWF (FN32), AB1OC (FN42), W4AS (EL95), VY2MI (FN86), KB1RZA (FN31), N1MIW (FN41), W4FZ (FM18) - HRD UN, TZ4AM (CW), 5T, 7X, EA8, S01, W4, A6, 9Y
20 June 2021 WKD OX3LX (GP60), VO1SIX, TF3LB, CN, CU - HRD OX3HI (GP47), VY2, VE1, S01, EA8, HI, 5T, NP4, TZ, TR8, CN, 9Y, about ~80 from NA
19 June 2021 WKD JR7GBL (QN00), JK2AQT (PM94), JA0KJD (PM85), JH6VXP (PM53), JA7WSZ (QM07#), JE2DZC (PM84), JE0ART (PM96), JA1MLV (PM86), JE1CCD (PM95), JA0IXW (PM86), JN1GTG (PM95), JA0IXW (PM86), JH1HRJ (PM95), UN8GEQ (MN83), UN0LK (MO13) later : WU1ITU (FN67), N4EME (FM26) - HRD BY, JT1, and 80+ JA
18 June 2021 WKD K1DG (FN42), K2IL (EL97), N1TQ (FN42), KX4TT (EL87), K1ZZ (FN31), K1AR (FN42) - HRD A6, 9K, UN, CN8, 4X, EA8, VE1 and 250+ NA stations in the evening
17 June 2021 WKD CN8LI (IM63), K3SX (FM19), WA2FGK (FN21), AA1ON (FN42), NA2NY (FN33), W9DR (EM78), KD2CYU (FN20), KM3T (FN42), W4MW (EM96), AC4BV (FM17), W2IRT (FN20) and some EU in CW - HRD VR2XYL, BA7IO, 4X, EA8, CU, XE2X (EL02), more than 200 USA
17 June 2021 - More than 200 stations from USA and Canada and 1(!) from Mexico (XE) received.

16 June 2021 WKD C31CT (CW) - HRD T6AA; 4X, 5B, EA8, TZ4AM, 7X, 5T, HI, UN, 4* W4 (Fla)
15 June 2021 HRD 9* JA, HL3GOB, 9K, EY, KP4, KP2, W4UM
14 June 2021 WKD T6AA (MM44), J69DS (FK94), KP4DGW (FK68), HI8S (FK58), HI8AYR (FK58), WP3R (FK68), TA7Q (KN91#790) - HRD 5* JA, A65, 5B, KP2, 3* HI, 4* W4 (Fla)
13 June 2021 HRD EU backscatter is strong, HZ, 4X, OD, 5B, CN, CU
12 June 2021 WKD BG6SNJ (OM50lq#) - HRD 5T, 9K, EA8
11 June 2021 WKD some F, G - 4X1YS (KM71 SSB) - HRD W4UM, W4AS, HZ, 9K, 5B, 4X, OD, CN8, EA8
10 June 2021 HRD T6AA, 9K, A4, 4X, S01, EA8, CU, 3* KP4, 2* PV8, 9Y
9 June 2021 Band open 04 UT - WKD VU2BGS (MK82#), EA1AAE (IN81#) - HRD 9M2TO (OJ05), VU2CPL (MK83), 4X, 9K, UN, HZ, A4, A6, A7, 5B, EA8, CN8, 5T, CU
8 June 2021 WKD ~20* EA.. - HRD EA8, CU
7 June 2021 HRD JA7QVI, JA7WSZ, EA8, 7X, CN and VA3NCD (FN03)
6 June 2021 WKD A65IN (LL74#), A92GE (LL56), JR3REX (PM74), JH4MGU (PM75), JG4BLW (PM75), JI4POR (PM65#), JG3IFX (PM74), JG3QZN (PM74), JA4DND (PM65) - HRD 12* JA, A9, A6, 9K
5 June 2021 WKD HZ1SK (KL91#) - HRD VO1SIX at 08:15 UT really early, YI1SAL (LM23), 4X, OD, 5B, EA8
4 June 2021 WKD VO1AW (GN28#), WW1L (FN54), NE1B (FN42), VE1JBC (FN73#), VE3EDY (EN83ua#), VE3CFK (EN82), VE3EK (FN03), VE3EJ (FN03), AB1OC (FN42), VE3HP (FN03), 9Y4D (FK90), PV8ABC (FJ92), N1JFU, NE1B, K1BQP, N1QDQ, NR1R, AA1V, WA1NPZ and then in CW: K1OT, VO1HP and inSSB: VO1FOG with S9++ - HRD4* JA, UN, 4X, A4, A6, HZ, 9K, EA8, CN8 - Flags on CQ in VO, VE1, K4, VE3, VE9, W6 : W6TOD (DM15), N6WS (CM95), K6KLY (CM87) and more. The band was open to NA from 11:00 UT until 01:00 UT next day.
4 June 2021 - My signal received in the U.S. - See West Coast

3 June 2021 WKD EB8AC (IL28), LA9VFA (KQ40), 9K2NO (LL39), A41CK (LL93), HZ1TT (LL25), A71AM (LL55) - HRD UN7JX (NN19), JA6TEW (PM53), EK, 4X, A6, A9, 3* KP4, KP2BH, KP2/K0BZ5T, 3* HI, PV8ABC, PV8BR, HK3PJ, ZF1EJ, TF, HC1HC, HC2FG
2 June 2021 WKD UN7PBK (MN69#780) - HRD UN9L, 5B, BD8NBG, JT, EA8, S01, TR8CA
1 June 2021 WKD VU2DED* (ML88#), VR2XYL (OL72), UK7AL (MN41) - HRD many 10*BA, UN, 4X, EK, CN, EA8, EA9

Posted by Christoph Petermann