Jul 31
Activity 50 MHz
28 July 2021 HRD CN8, EA8
24 July 2021 HRD some EU only. No real Es
23 July 2021 HRD EA8, K1, K2, K4, K8 areas ~30 stations
22 July 2021 WKD WA3UTC (FM05), N9PGG (FM05), K4MOG (EM73), W3XY (FM19), KD8SI (EM79#), W4CHA (EL88), KP4RV (FK78) - HRD EA8, V31MA
17 July 2021 HRD CN8, 5T5
since 15 July 2021 very busy with other things, almost no time for radio :-(
8 .. 15 July 2021 ** Out on Vacation **
7 July 2021 HRD W3, W4, W5, VP2V/~
6 July 2021 HRD VO1, W1, VP2V/K3TRM, OX3LX, Many NA > 30 stations
5 July 2021 HRD W5AFY, VP2V/K3TRM, KP2, KP4, HZ, EA8
4 July 2021 HRD 7* JA, UK9AA, EA8, CU, 4X, HZ, TF, VE1, many U.S. >30, HK3PJ, PV8DX, VE7SL
3 July 2021 WKD WB8ZBT (EM55#) - HRD DS4EOI, 4* JA, EA8, CN8, CU, XE2X (EL06), W5 (EM..)
2 July 2021 WKD N4SIX (FM04#), WB4JWM (EM83), NG4C (FM16), K0GU (DN70#), W3GQ (EM95), NK0S (FM14#), W7CP (EM97#), K6ND (FN10), N4TL (FM05#), ND4X (EM57#), K4DET (FM17), K4SO (FM18), WD4ELG (FM06), N0KV (DM79#), AI9F (EM58#810), WA4Q (EM57), AJ9C (EN70), W9FFA (EM69), K8ROK (EN80#), KC0CF (EN32#), N0TB (EN34#)- HRD JA4LKB, UN3G, HZ, 9K, 4X, WP4, FG, PV8 - then band opened to NA - received were more than 300 callsigns on 50313 and 50323 kHz in FT8. Made 20 contacts and a good number of new # grids.
2 July 2021 received North (and South) America. Counted > 300 callsigns. Only PSK Reprter shown here.

1 July 2021 WKD W8PAT (EN81#), WZ8D (EM89), VE3ARF (FN25), KK2I (FN03), K2DH (FN13), K3UA (EN91), VE3NRG (FN25), K4WMS (FM17) - HRD A6, KP4, FG, HK3PJ (FJ34), K0GU (DN70)

Posted by Christoph Petermann