Jun 13
Activity 144 MHz
13 June 2024 WKD 2m Sporadic E IT9GSF (JM67), IK7EOT (JN80), SV6SYQ (KM08) - HRD IT9, IK8, SV
4 June 2024 WKD 25 stations in Nordic Activity Contest
2 June 2024 WKD IS0YFG (JM49), EA5LN (IM99), EA5RC (JN00#), IZ0UME (JN61#), 9H1CG (JM75#*), 9H1PA (JM75), IT9HTV (JM76), IC8TEM (JN70#), IZ0CVT (JN61), IZ8EDJ (JN70), IC8EWW (JN60#), IC8FEM (JN60) - HRD IH9MHC and some more
144 MHz heard stations during Sporadic E on 2 June 2024

Activity 50 MHz
13 June 2024 WKD WA1EAZ (FN42), VE1SKY (FN74), KA1R (FN64) - HRD W1
12 June 2024 HRD 7X, EA8, CT3, D4L
11 June 2024 HRD 4L, UN, 5B, 4X
10 June 2024 HRD OD5, 4X, 9K2
9 June 2024 HRD no DX
8 June 2024 WKD FG8OJ, J35X (FK92), YV5NEA (FK60), J88IH (FK93*#) - HRD EA8, CU, SU1SK, HZ, KP4, 9Y, V47JA, VE1
7 June 2024 HRD EA8
6 June 2024 HRD no DX, only few EU
5 June 2024 HRD 7Q6M, EA8IN
4 June 2024 WKD 9K2GS (LL39), 9K2YM (LL49), BA4RF (OM92#), RD9D (LO99#) - HRD N5WS (EL09), K5YT (EM22), BA7IO (OL73), BA7NQ (OL63), BG7NF (OL62, UN9LEI, UN7JX and more
3 June 2024 WKD OD5SX (KM74), SU1SK (KM50), PY5EW (GG46), PY2DS (GG66), CE2SV (FF47) - HRD 4X, EA8, CU, AC4TO, K5MC, KD2CYU, S01, 5* PY, CE2EP, CE3SX
2 June 2024 WKD UN7CL (MO44), JR2LJO (PM85), JL3MCM (PM74) - HRD BG6CJR (OM90), BG5BAA (PM00), BD5CAM (PL09), JA 69+ received, EA8, VK8AW, 5A1AL, S01WS, VE1PZ, CN8, 7Q6M, 3* PY
Japan Stations received on 2 June 2024 (69+ stations)

1 June 2024 WKD VO1CH (GN37) - HRD UN7JID, UN3G, EA8, OD5, 4X, 9K2, EA8

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT4, FT8, JT65A, Q65

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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