Jul 31
50 MHz
31 July 2010: I have not been QRV very often. No Es signals were heard. It looks like the season is over - almost ...
26 July 2010: All afternoon the band was empty. It was almost dark - around 20 UT - I got LA/DL7VSN (KQ50). A fine new one. JW/OZ1IKY was not heard.
25 July 2010: Worked LZ via Es and G4BRK via Meteorscatter.
24 July 2010: No Es heard. I made a few tropo contacts.
22 July 2010: A big opening, but the reflection point just above me. Videos from east were very strong and had some aurora sound. Later in the evening I copied Shetlands and Iceland beacons.
19 July 2010: There has been YO4RYU/MM in some water-grids (IM38, IM28). He was at 55 level, but what a huge pile-up. I did not work him.
18 July 2010: Open to Japan from SM and OZ. But I briefly copied one JA2 station only just readable above the noise. Many EU stations were heard calling CQDX via backscatter or meteorscatter. In the evening the band was open to EA and EA8.
16 July 2010: Not many stations audible. Weakly open to the south-east.
14 July 2010: There was not much time for the radio in the last days. But when switching on, I found an almost dead band. An early end of the Es season ??
09 July 2010: Not QRV in the last days. Today The band was open into almost every direction. I CQed a bit and partners returned not only from the direction the antenna pointed to. Weakly heard was KP4EIT.
06 July 2010: I did not have much time for the radio. No US station was heard in that time. Only worked was EI/DL5DSM. Due to work I missed the openings to W and JA. Yesterday I was not QRV at all.
04 July 2010: A very weak JL8GFB was audible - the opening did not reach us. C56E (IK13ql) was worked with good signals. Another new country and grid for me.
03 July 2010: I have been listening around a lot. Well copied was C56E. Worked has been (again) W4SO, who popped out of the noise suddenly.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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