Jul 13
50 MHz
12 July 2013 Not many signals heard, but I managed to work EA8DBM (IL18oh).
11 July 2013 Again Aurora and I could work several stations. But better was the St Helena Island beacon ZD7VC (IH74db) with a good signal for a longer period of time. I have a YouTube video of this event: ZD7VC at DF9CY

144 MHz
12 July 2013 ON6NL (JO21) was worked.
11 July 2013 On 2m I got some Aurora stations as well, but later the band opened via tropo and among the best were: F5XU (JN15), F8DBF (IN78), F9OE (IN78), M0BKL (IO80), F6HMQ (JN18), G7RAU (IO90) with all between 800 and 1300 km. I knew from the cluster of a EA1 being QRV. I could hear him talking, but too weak for a QSO.
8 July 2013 Many signals heard, best was EI3KD (IO51). Did not work anyone.

432 MHz
11 July 2013 My power is low enough, that I cannot work good DX, but coming from 2m I could copy well F6GNR (IN97) and F6HMQ (JN18). G7RAU (IO90) was worked and it was a new grid for both of us..
8 July 2013 Good tropo opening over the North Sea. Worked into Netherlands, England and caught LA/DK2BJ/p (JO37) for a new grid.

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