Nov 26
After a long absence from anything to do with moonbounce I took the chance to activate the big dish antenna at DL0SHF in Kiel which can operate on 1296 MHz. I had some free time on the 24 November and I drove over to Per DK7LJ. Everything ran perfectly and after 4 hours and some 36 contacts in CW I was tired and I drove home. I had fun with working a lot of guys I met on the radio via the moon years ago last time. Signals were strong and listening to all this was real fun. I only worked CW (morse code) and allthough there was a lot of "digital" activity I stayed with CW.
Years ago - when being younger - I was able to stay up a whole night for this... no not anymore ;-) But from time to time I hope to activate this big station a bring some fun to others as well.

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