Jun 1
I am very pleased that my 2 Watts of RF Power on the 40m Band (7 MHz) found their way down to New Zealand. I have a simple dipole antenna 8m above the ground.

2014-06-01 17:36UT DF9CY 7.040115 -23dB 0 JO54al 2 ZL1BOE RF72ir 17774km 38

and later: Australia
2014-06-01 19:28 DF9CY 7.040125 -15dB 0 JO54al 2 VK7BO QE38mo 16565km 83

This is made possible using the Digital Mode WSPR. The 2 Watts is about the same power your mobile phone uses to the next tower.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Jun 1
50 MHz
31 May 2014 Very short openings into almost all directions. Worked IT9, ER, EI, GW, GM, UR5, HA and 4Z4LA (KM72) Israel. Late in the evening I got OY9JD and some OH and SM2.
30 May 2014 Missed the Japan opening in the morning. Heard A45XR but lost.
29 May 2014 "Spotty" openings. Best worked was JY9FC (KM71) in Jordan.
28 May 2014 A good opening to France and Spain today with about 11 stations in the log.
27 May 2014 A lot of strong signals from Ukraine and Bulgaria in the morning. In the evening I worked a number of EA1,2,5 and EA8CCQ (IL28) Canary Isl..
26 May 2014 Strong signals from Ukraine, LZ, HA again.
25 May 2014 Very good conditions to South-East and I got some HA, LZ, Ukraine. To the South-West EA8DBM (IL18) was strong and easy to work. Several other Canary Islands stations were copied. Worked him again later on when he was alone on the band. All over sudden PY2XB and PP5XX were heard with 59 but they went down to noise level very soon. I worked them both years ago.
24 May 2014 I worked several EA1,3,5 and SV2JAO. Was not QRV very much as weather was very nice...
23 May 2014 In the morning the band was open to the west and I got G4RRA (IO80) and EI9CN (IO53). Late in the afternoon signals were strong to south-east and I got JY9FC (KM81). Several 4X were copied as well.
22 May 2014 EA9PY (IM75) Ceuta worked. Heard were Z21GF, C5YK and ZD7VC and a lot of European stations.
19 May 2014 Many stations from Ukraine worked. Later the band was open to Spain and Portugal. ZD7VC was here even stronger than yesterday.
18 May 2014 worked ZD7VC (IH74) St Helena (of Napoleon fame). in South Atlantic and two EA6 from Mallorca
17 May 2014 A few S5, 9A and SV in the log
12 May 2014 Only worked IS0BSR/p on Sardinia Isl.
10 May 2014 Some weak Sporadic E (Es). Only LZ worked.
8 May 2014 Again some Meteorscatter and Tropo contacts
7 May 2014 Sporadic E enhanced TEP (Transequatorial Propagation). I worked South Africa ZX4TX/6 (KG55) with good signal. Heard was ZS6BTE. At the same time the band was open to Southern Italy (IZ7).
5 May 2014 Meteorscatter tests in digital modes.

144 MHz
30 May 2014 Strong tropo signals from LA, SM and G. I had a long ragchew with G0JJG (JO02).
22 May 2014 16:27UT R6AS (KN85) was worked and RV6AKA (KN94) heard as first real DX via Es this year.

31 May 2014 Modified my 40m antenna. I was able to lift up one end of the antenna. Its even less noisy now. The modified antenna works fine.
More contacts on 15m and 40m. The transceiver is working fine as well as the antenna is OK. This month I could increase my 15m country count from 49 to 85 already with the 40m dipole used...

Posted by Christoph Petermann